See if you can find the mistakes in the following sentences:

Horror mistakes
Did you ever read a book from Agatha Christie? (2)
I have played football yesterday.
„Are you free on Friday?\“ \“No, sorry, I will work.\“
If I would win the lottery, I would give up my job.
What for a dog have you?
Most times I\’m very patient.
The children have a good behavior.
We had much funny at the party.
We drove by ski last weekend.
I always try to avoid to be late.
I bought a jeans.
We are looking forward to see you at the conference.
I have a little bit headache.
We can drive to Bonn with the train.
I have looked football two times on television in the last time.
Where can I cook water?
\“Are you ready to order, sir?\“ \“Yes – can I become a steak?\“
Please give me five dollars.\r\nWhat means \“success\“?
Have you got something against a headache?
She\’s very interesting in computers.
I have lived in Hannover since years.
\“Where are you from?\“ \“I am coming from Celle.\“
Please send us informations about your new system.
What did you make today?