Company History

Sabine Greve is the founder and owner of Hannover House of Languages.

Ms. Greve, who is an English and Philosophy teacher, can look back on many years of experience in Human Resources Management and adult education. Especially in the area of communication training, Ms. Greve has proven herself to be an accomplished organizer, facilitator, and educator in the area of advanced language skills. Together with her team of 32 accomplished instructors, she offers the Hannover business community the quality and skill it seeks.


The administrative office of HHoL is the Hannover suburb Garbsen.  HHoL functions as an on-site service which delivers language training directly to the location of the customer.  This means that we come to you.

While the most lessons take place in the conference rooms of our clients, sometimes a lesson will also occur in the clients office, HHoL's seminar room in  Garbsen or where ever best meets the clients needs.  Group lessons require at least a white board or the like.  One-to-one lessons have minimal facility requirement and can be more flexible with the scheduling. See Course Oragnization